Kaicho and Sensei

AYUMU KARATE DO is taught in traditional Japanese.  Focussing on basic movements and foundation.  The beauty of Shoto Kan is its strength and fierce movements although appearing simple require full body “kime” or power/focus.


JCMA would like to introduce you to Kaicho Tamon Kashimoto the Founder of Nanzen Kai Association and Nanzen Kai Association Director Sensei Eric Corpus of Staten Island, NY.

On a recent visit to Staten Island, Professor had opportunity to meet, share and visit with Sensei Eric’s Instructor Kaicho T. Kashimoto.   Kaicho is a direct student of the Founder of Shōrinjiryū Kenkōkan Karate. Hisataka established this style shortly after World War II in Japan.  The style is responsible for a number of innovations to karate training including:
  • Use of the heel when kicking
  • Whole body is put into action when executing a technique, using a follow through motion
  • Use of the vertical fist (tate ken)
  • Practice of yakusoku kumite
  • Use of protective equipment to allow the karatedo student to test their techniques without having to hold back their power
  • Practice of weapons (buki ho)
Kaicho Kashimoto’s training and martial art style resembles in many ways the “philosophy” of Professor’s base style of KAJUKENBO.  There are various interviews documented, including videos on Kaicho and his Martial Arts Journey.  ” I found him intriguing, quite genuine and humble.  It is JCMA’s honor to affiliate with him and his association.” Professor expressed.
In addition to being Nanzen Kai’s Director, Sensei Eric Corpus is the nephew of Sibak Jesus V. Corpus and the first cousin Grand Master.  Definitely a East/West coast connection