Instructors of the Month – August 2015

Today we feature two extraordinary instructors! These two make such a dynamic team, and they just so happen to also be mother and son! Let’s get to know a little more about Sibak Guillermo, and soon enough we’ll spotlight Sifu Silvia, but for now please enjoy!

Dynamic Duo!
Dynamic Duo!












When did you start training? January 2005

What are the biggest challenges as a student? As a student my biggest challenge was gaining the discipline and becoming humble.

Instructor? As an instructor my biggest challenge was/is having patience while teaching youngsters.

What keeps you motivated to train? My Ohana

Favorite Japanese form is: Heian Yondan

Greatest satisfaction as an instructor? Knowing that I’m spreading knowledge to students.

What is your favorite color? Blue

If you were an animal, real or fictional, what animal would you be? A Wolf, for sure.

What is your favorite boba tapioca drink? Chocolate Snow Bubble.