JCMA – Kajukenbo Featured Student of June 2015


JCMA – Kajukenbo June Featured Student of the Month

 This month’s JCMA – Kajukenbo Featured Student is no other than the very talented, yet humble Ellamae! If you haven’t seen her in action, she’s a little fireball! Watch out for her kicks when she spars! And now without further delay here’s Ellamae!
Name: Ellamae Eve Daguman Garcia
Hometown: Lives in Anerican Canyon but parents are originally from Calbayog City, Samar (mom) and Surigao (dad).
 Age: 11 yrs old
How long have you been training at JCMA? About 2 years
Describe what has led you to JCMA? For fun and experience, self defense, and to make friends!
What do you enjoy most about being a part of JCMA?   It makes me feel at home.  JCMA is like my 2nd home.  I can learn karate and at the same time spend time with the members and leaders of the team. I feel safe and loved.
What else do you do when your not training at JCMA? Study, and I have singing and dancing lessons. I also attend CCD classes.
What are you most proud of?  Just being myself.  Being simple and humble.  And to be a good role model to my younger cousins and the youth.
If you had to do a solo demonstration, what would be your theme song? Bring Me To Life ~ Evanescence
If you were a star of a martial arts movie, what would be your  signature move? My kick
If you had a super power, what would it be and why? Speed.  I could do things faster!
Who is your favorite comic book character and why? I do not have one because I don’t read comic books.
What is your favorite boba or tapioca drink? Mango